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Posted 11th Feb
Looking to buy 1-2 new monitor(s) around £150 each or £300 for an ultra wide. Will be used for general office work and photo editing/retouching. I have no idea what the newest tech available is, but assume my budget would get me a respectable level for my requirements.

Any advice what i should look out for?

Will either be plugging in a laptop (HDMI) or a Surface
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As you use the monitor for photo editing/retouching you're going to want IPS and sRGB compliant which might be tricky to find at £150 each.
I use an Asus 23 inch screen for photo editing - it’s only 1080p for resolution but at that size, it looks sharp. It has an IPS panel so the colours look good from all angles and it has various colour modes. One being the sRGB profile. Using that profile makes the colours seem quite flat of course, but that’s good as your photo edits come out more true to what you are seeing (I often export to an iPad to check). Anyway it’s under 150 on amazon so might be with a look..
Best I could find is a LG 29WK600 as it is IPS and over 99% sRGB color gamut. They also do a 34 inch version but it will have lower pixel density so I wouldn't recomend it.
excellent, thank you both!
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