Which monitor for Xbox 360 and PC? - Final questions added!!!!!

Found 20th Dec 2008
Hi guys,
hope you can help me. I am looking for a monitor that I can hook both my pc and my 360 at the same time. Don't want to me messing around changing cables etc.

Something like 22" would be great.

If no specific deal exists what do I need to look for in the spec to d what I want?

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What is the primary visual output on your PC?
?? Whats standard? I have a dell Insprion 2.2Ghz C2D jobby
See this picture here :pantherproducts.co.uk/Art…jpg
And look at the back of your PC (it probably wont have both ports, I just used the picture because it provides a good reference of both)
VGA is more common.
I have a LG 22" 28wd something or other, has HDMI and HD upto 1050p. Works brill with the xbox over component and pc via DVI or VGA. Just tried finding it on Dabs where i purchased it and cannot see it...

Ebuyer have this similar one, cheap as chips! ebuyer.com/pro…336 doesn't have HDMI or Component though...
Something more like this... A little more expensive but has all the inputs... ebuyer.com/pro…223.

Just a couple of weeks ago I bought a 32 LG from richersounds for £350. Its much better for playing the xbox and just as good as a PC monitor. Although if you have VGA connection it may not work...

One gripe about the 22" LG i have is the speakers are useless! Very tinny! It will be ok for the PC as you could pick up a couple of cheap pc speakers which will help. But for the xbox you may need to get a A/V Receiver to make it sound good!

See this picture here … See this picture here :http://www.pantherproducts.co.uk/Articles/images/vgadvi.jpgAnd look at the back of your PC (it probably wont have both ports, I just used the picture because it provides a good reference of both)VGA is more common.

Cheers, mine is the VGA connection currnetly, i'll just see if it has DVI too....
no DVI, just VGA
you can also just simply buy a DVI to VGA or vice versa quite easily that way you have the choice DVI will provide you with a higher resolution
I would personal spend atleast twice as much and get a good quality monitor. It what you look at and use the most out of anything. + you will be useing it accross several bits of hardware.

If you mainly play console games and don't use your pc for games then you could get a small hdtv. If you play games on your pc then you should get a monitor due to the response times being quicker.
If you can wait monitor prices should be on the way down.
Im waiting a few months before splashing out 300 to 400 on a 24" monitor.
Won't be playing any PC games through it. Are HDTV's out there that I can hook a PC and an Xbox 360 to?

Are HDTV's out there that I can hook a PC and an Xbox 360 to?

Most good HDTV's have a vga port for your pc and component/hdmi for your xbox.
At least I know all Sony's HDTV's have.
Yeah most HDTV's you can do that with. It's more about the connections on your graphics card then the tv.
If you have DVI or HDMI on your graphics card then you should be fine.

Using a HDTV isnt ideal as you are somewhat limited with resolution but it's not a big deal if you don't use your pc for games or graphic's etc. I have some friends who are using there HDTV for xbox, tv, computer and set top box. Same as a good quality monitor realy, just a bit cheaper for a larger size.
Sounds good, doesn't have a grafics card so will be hooking it up via the VGA for the PC and HDMI for the 360. Any particulalry decent deals about?
ebuyer.com usually have good offers and the review section is pretty handy for picking a good monitor.
I have currently got the samsung 226bw 22" widescreen monitor can do up to 1650x1080 and it has a DVI and VGA and i switch from my pc to xbox at the press of a button. It auto adjusts once when you first plug both devices in so everytime i switch it doesnt auto adjust it is very quick. Brilliant monitor and most panels put in them are dead pixeless so no worries with that. I bought at £200 but i see prices have dropped to like £140 on here.
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