which mortgage?

    am looking at mortgages and was wondering if 5 year fixed would be the best option? as obviously same amount each month and also heard that rates are going to rocket? but also which would you guys recommend


    Well, interest rates can't come down any lower, there has been talk of rates going up, so in my opinion, get a fixed deal.

    you will need to think about (for fixed mortgages)

    what will the interest rate be like at the end of that period, and would it be better to take a shorter mortgage now and then remortgage for a longer period (whilst at the same time factoring in the costs of re-mortgaging) e.g. 2yr and then 5yr or a 5yr and then ???

    depending on how much you borrow, at what point will you drop down a band (in terms of LTV) - the repayment % for a 95% mortgage is higher that a 75% etc (not only how much you pay but what will the value of the property be)?

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    got at least 30% deposit but am first time buyer hopefully pay mortgage of in 10 to 15 years
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