Which Motorbike to get?

    A friend of mine is selling his Honda varadero 125 - with 8k on the clock and its an 05 plate - for £1500

    But just been looking at a used Honda CBF125 - 09 plate 1.5k on the clock for £1699

    Just looking for some advice - the cbf has no rev counter but the varadero has a choke

    Which one should i get ?


    p.s this is my first motorbike been riding a piaggio fly 100 since may


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    The cbf should also have a choke. Having a rev counter shouldnt really matter as you never look at it anyway. I'd choose the varadero - disc brakes and more power

    Varadero's are brilliant :thumbsup:
    We had the XL1000 & she was fantastic!!
    If you get this months edition of Ride Magazine there is a 3 page spread on the 125 Varadero on page 24 :thumbsup:

    Ride them both and see which one fits you best.
    Either one of those looks OK and represent much better value for money than any of the cheap Chinese bikes that are knocking around.

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    cheers guys dero it is

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    Ended up getting a honda cbf - part exchanged my scooter - got the bike brand new for £1250

    Nice looking bike. Can't really go wrong with a Honda.

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    Yeh im riding my scooter to pick it up on monday -BUT apart from my cbt in may i havent ridden a manual so im going to have to remember - STALL - engine off - ignition on into neutral and engine on and go

    Any tips for me - im going to pick up the bike and ride it around for a bit to do hill starts etc to get the knack before i ride the 20mins home

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    Got my bike today and its brilliant - absolutely love it and apart from the back tyre skidding on some ice and me almost crashing it was a successful ride back from the garage
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