Which Navman would you choose?

    S30 ?
    S50 ?
    S70 ?
    or S90i ?

    Any coments on them or anything else would be cool


    p.s please no comments about TomTom, i dont like them lol


    None, I would go with a Garmin if I were you Navman are about as good as a kick to the groin!
    There are only 2 manufacturers of GPS that I trust, one being Garmin, the other being Tom Tom's owners, if you don't like one go for the other, anything else s reasonably garbage.


    S90i, because it sounds the best

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    Any reasons mike to back up why you think Navman are garbage? lol

    i got an s50 the other week - great bit of kit and the bluetooth function is dead handy. I went for the s50 cause it was the cheapest of the 4.3" ones and i didn't really think the navpix function or the traffic data would be that much of a benefit....

    I have a S90i and it works a treat

    like any GPS traffic is a bit hit and miss but suposedly Navman have the best implementation of this

    The text to speech works well - reading road and street names as required

    the mounting braket is very samll and lightweigt and incorpoates the power supply.

    All in all a very nice bit of kit


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    thanks everyone

    Original Poster

    whats the difference between the S30 and the S50 ?

    screen size
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