Found 12th Dec 2008
Hi Guys

Looking to buy a Windows ( just easier for the missus ) Netbook. PC World are doing 2 models 4212 and the 4490 for the same price but I cannot see which is better as they seem identical, can any one help?

Many thanks in advance


Before I start here's the direct internet links to the two netbooks in question.

Advent 4212 Netbook
Internet Link:…237

Advent 4490 Netbook
Internet Link:…oks

Other than the visual differences all I can see in terms of a difference is that the Advent 4490 comes with a 120GB hard disk whilst the Advent 4412 comes with an 80GB hard disk instead. On top of that I can't see the information on the types of batteries used but also there's a small bit of confusion there about whether both of them come equipped with bluetooth.

If you look at the enhanced technical specifications on each of the two links you'll see what I mean - the Advent 4490 states it "...also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a Webcam..." but when you look at the list of features all it says for the "Extras" section is "". The Advent 4412 states under feattures "Extras - Bluetooth connectivity & webcam".

My recommendation would be to consider purchasing the Advent 4490 (if your only choosing between these two netbooks) but would be handy if you get them to clarify whether it comes with Bluetooth (handy for connecting to your mobile phone if it has the capability built in).

Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Thanks mate, will go for the 4490. Rep left


Thanks mate, will go for the 4490. Rep left

No probs, Cheers Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:
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