Which Network and Tariff are you on?

    Im looking at a new tariff and network i think

    im with Virgin at the moment (and the lass) and we each spend about £35-£40 (each) a month on pay as you go (which we both prefer)

    Is there a better network that give better value, in texts and calls a month

    we dont want monthly payments, as due to one my ex (BI***) left me with bad credit :x :x which is still being fixed to this day :roll: , this means i cant go for pay monthly tariffs.


    if u are a virgin cable customer u could have the 300-300 with virgin for 10 quid a month

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    not enough texts lol, were text aholics and very mild usage of call min's

    thanks for the reply tho

    We dont get Virgin cable up here as it runs thru cable, they stopped when they got to Carnoustie and never went any further north... gggrrrr

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    thats pay monthly :?

    buy the old genie sims 02, top up 10 quid and get 500 texts a month and the 10 quid for calls

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    that sounds pretty good, thing is where do you get an old one?

    Think I've got some, My pals tend to lose phones like no-bodies business so when I see them for free online I order them. I'll post back later if I have any left. If your interested and will cover postage I'll send them your way.

    Or you could get the free Orange SIM cards, similar to the o2 Genie, but a £10 top up gives you 300 texts, £20 gives 600 and £30 gives you 1000.

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    with the genie you pay £20 and you get so many texts plus your £20 for calls? am i right?

    I believe so, and that's the case with Orange too!

    [SIZE=2]o2 - ]http//sh…nly[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Orange - ]http//sh…sim[/SIZE]


    with the genie you pay £20 and you get so many texts plus your £20 for c … with the genie you pay £20 and you get so many texts plus your £20 for calls? am i right?

    might have some somewhere mate you want me to have a look?

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    yeh please, we need 3 thanks

    if you have them :thumbsup:

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    [SIZE=2]o2 - … [SIZE=2]o2 - ][/SIZE][SIZE=2][/SIZE]

    that one on that page, text anytime for £9.99

    is that £9.99 for 1000 texts plus you have £9.99 worth of calls ?

    That's for the SIM itself. Then it's more money on top for the top ups! I'm not 100% sure if the free o2 SIMs offer the same as the £9.99 one though.

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    well to be honest id pay the £9.99 for the 1000 texts and £9.99 for whatever call time

    id still be saving loads a month than using virgin,

    Personal: O2 N80 500/100 £20/month with Insurance - retention deal past fixed period waiting for N95 8gb too appear to get onto O2 retention contract again

    Work: Orange Motorola L6: Canary 30 325mins/100sms, free rental via cashback - 18month contract for cheap broadband from BMP, will replace that L6 with 6300 when it becomes cheaper

    Spare unsed: Three Nokia 6680 100/100 Free rental no cashback - retention deal

    [SIZE=2]£9.99 is for the sim itself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]1000 texts is up to 1000 texts.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]£10/month = 300 texts[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]£20/month = 500 texts[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]£30/month = 1000 texts[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Details here:]http//ww…ffs[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]My free O2 Sims arrived today, it is the same as £9.99 ones.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Those texts expire after 1 month. If you don't top-up next month, no free texts. It will begin again when you top-up.[/SIZE]

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    thanks everyone for the replys

    Voda 1000 xnet 50 text £31 month

    I would see if you can take out a contract in another family members name, and use your own bank account as the direct debit.

    Just because pay monthly is simply better value.

    Have you tried T-Mobile? They take large deposits (maybe a few months) from those with low credit scores but may give you a contract.

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    Woo Hooooooo !!!

    Just went for the Pay monthly on Virgin, i just said ach to hell with it if i get a refusal, i get one....

    It passed and the best thing was it passed twice with me and Mrs saxo..excellent !!

    The tariff i chose was the "Sim only" 1000 texts and 200 min for £20 a month which i think is a brilliant deal.

    I just cant believe it passed the credit check and what surprises me even more it passed twice :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
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