Which new bank to join?

    i am joining a new bank today for my own reasons, i am wondering which is the best bank to joiin as in what ill get when i do join? (rail cards, ipods etc)



    Are you a student?
    What do you want from the new bank that your old one doesn't?

    Lesser of multiple evils...

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    I am going to uni this year.
    I dont work, but i ebay a little bit.
    the reason for the new bank is so I dont have to use a Solo card with my current bank, and I will be using it for other (personal reasons), I am looking for one that uses online banking although im pretty sure they all do.

    I was told last year that some of them were giving free ipods and what not.


    Well Grants/Student Loans/Allowance from parents = income in the eyes of the banks.

    So you'll be able to get full Visa Debit Card and a Credit Card if you want it with any bank doing student current accounts.

    £80ish nano isn't worth years of bad service, read student forums, see what they say, to some the higher the overdraft the better etc, and compare them for yourself.

    Natwest's railcard offer seems decent if you'll use train alot.

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    cheers boss no problem just posting on a student fourm now, thanks for the help heat given

    Loads of stuff on MSE & don't forget to look in their forum:thumbsup:

    I've heard Natwest are one of the best for a Student Account...

    Been with Halifax for 15 years and can confirm they suck !!!:roll:

    Been meaning to change for ages !!!!!.Just thought I'd mention it.

    Alliance+Leicester suck for me, and I'm a student.

    My student account is with natwest, when I joined they were only offering the free 5 yr railcard. Would be of use to if you plan on using rail travel of course. Saves a third on all journeys and would normally cost you £20 a yr. Think i've saved in excess of £300-£400 (based on a saving of £10 per return journey)

    I think they are also offering a free webcam of some sorts these days aswell
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