Which new mobile to choose

    Hi all

    My mobile contract with vodafone is now up and was after some advice on which handset i should go for?

    I currently have a iphone 3g which i like, not sure if i should change it as i've had it for a while and not sure what the phones that are out are like so guys any help and info would be most appreciated


    iPhone 3GS or HTC Desire.

    I'd rather have the Desire I think ^_^

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    iPhone 3GS or HTC Desire.I'd rather have the Desire I think ^_^

    Have you played with the Desire and is it anygood?

    i'd stick with the iphone for a while longer, might be a new iphone around the corner and don't want to be locked into a long contract when it arrives with new features like making breakfast / passing your exams for you. (my suggestions for Apple) my iphone is on a £20 sim only deal from O2 which is 600mins unlimited internet one month rollover contract.

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    I do like the Iphone, but just wondering if theres anything out that can compete with it


    Have you played with the Desire and is it anygood?

    I have never had my hands on one no.

    iPhone 4g (or iPhone HD, I now see it being called) 'should' be here June/July. Might be worth waiting to see what that's going to be like before jumping in. . .
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