Which new mobile to get?????

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Found 10th Jan 2010
Ok so I'm almose due an upgrade on the old moby (Vodafone). Any one got any good recommendations as what I should look at. Was wondering about the IPhone but then again maybe the SE Satio? Got Ipod Touch so wasn't sure if it justified the IPhone.

Just thought I'd ask for some advice and opinions on new phones.

Ta very much x


get an iphone ebay the touch u wont regret it

i've got a satio and i absolutely love it

the camera on it takes awesome photos!

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I wonder if cos I've got the touch if I wouldn't find the iphone that exciting. Thats where I thought the Satio might come in.........Just want a new toy!!

Maybe an HTC Hero or Google phone if you fancy tryin android?

Get the Satio
Its got all the touch screen'y goodness that Sony should have sorted out ags ago but have finally managed now.
Its got an amazing camera that kicks lumps out of the iPhone (but then near all phones do that, iPhone camera's mince).

Satio if you want a phone.
iPhone if you want a gadget that you'l likely get bored of.

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I'd say go with the Motorola Droid (Milestone) too. I got mine for xmas, and definitely worth it. Amazing phone with a great OS which is progressing faster than the iPhone OS.

I'm surprised more people haven't recommended the Hero.

I liked the picture capabilities of the satio, but the expense of that is a large pysical size of the phone. the camera bit protrudes a lot. :thumbsup:
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