Which new phone should I get?

    A bit of a preemptive question here, but I can finally upgrade my phone on May 3rd. I got a Tocco when I started with T-Mobile and ended up despising it, to the point that I'm not interested in Samsung phones now. I'm living on a dodgy-as-fook N73 now for these last few weeks and want to make a decision about what phone to get next!!

    I've kinda whittled it down to an Xperia X10 or an HTC Desire. I don't have any specific needs really, but every phone I look at on GSMarena seems to have something fairly major in the disadvantages category each time. Tbh, a decent quality camera and decent music player (now that I'm having to sell my ipod ) are all I'm really after. Any phone-heads who know which is the best one care to give me some opinions??

    Cheers in advance


    Get an iphone.


    plastic cup and string

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    Get an iphone.


    plastic cup and string

    Perhaps in hindsight, it was a little short-sighted of me to ask here of all places... Oh well, still plenty more people still to potentially help/not help!!

    I wouldn't mind an iphone but I don't want a 3GS as I'll then get annoyed with myself when the new one comes out two months later, and there's no way in hell I can tolerate this broke-ass N73 any longer than the beginning of May, so I wouldn't want to wait for the new one either. That would also necessitate a change of network and I'm quite happy to stay with T-Mobile anyway. They've been much better than 3, Orange and Vodafone- all of whom I've had previously. I intend to tell retentions that I'll get £5 a month off my broadband bill if I move to o2, and hopefully will be able to talk them into knocking that off my tarrif rate.

    I also don't really want to be shelling out for the iphone on top of my contract. I'd rather just get a free phone and be done with it.

    My sister got me a htc a few weeks ago i realy like it looks good and does things am still working through what those things are

    £15 pm 300 mins 300 tex ultd tinterweb + £40 quidco making it £13 odd pm

    it has this very very very adictive bloon popping game

    I have had lots of sont ericcsons and theyve always been great.
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