Which new phone to get to sell... Satio? N97? N97 Mini?

    Ok so my contract is up...and i need to upgrade!
    So i was going to go sim only and get a cheap deal, but i might aswel get a phone, stay on the contract im on and sell the phone (i have an iphone which im happy with)

    BUT which phone is worth the most to sell on?? and easy to sell?
    I have choices of :
    Sony erricson Satio (12mp camera)
    Nokia N97
    Nokia N97 Mini (comes out today)
    Nokia N85
    Blackberrys BOLD / STORM

    What do you rekkon? im on vodafone.
    Thanks for help, im not that "with it" with the newer models, im happy with my 2g iphone lol


    wait for the 3g iphone to come out on vodafone

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    Contract is up next week, new iphone doesnt come out til jan...
    Im on £40/mo contract but got a special agreed discount to bring it to £29/mo and dont want to lose that!
    So upgrade next week is my only option really, iphone will only be £50+/mo anyway which i refuse to pay!

    would go for the satio it looks well good:p

    ill buy it off ya

    I have the N97 and really like it! I am not sure I would like the N97 mini as I use the direction button alot and it is missing on the mini.

    Don't know about the Satio

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    SATIO is good for fetching about £350 - £400 on ebay, youd have to offer an ebay(ish) price for me to sell it to you.
    Ill only be selling the upgrade phone to pay towards my contract bill


    htc hd2 snapdragon

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    hmm blackberry storm 2 seems to be fetching alot! well over £400
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