Which Of The Bid Websites Are Genuine?


    Can anyone tell me if it's worth me joining up and bidding on bid sites?

    Which ones are genuine? and the prices they show the items have gone for, is true of a load of rubbish.



    If your talking about mad bid and sites like that then dont bother with them. The prices are genuine but you pay 50p for each bid and it only ups the auction by 1p. You'd end up bidding loads and paying a fortune for it.

    You mean ebay?
    or you mean "buy to bid" bidding sites?

    edit: dh058977 is right - dont do it, id like to think you are better off gambling and putting everything on red on roulette
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    The prices are probably true but thats only half the story. Every bid costs money to place and the end price is subject to lots of conditions e.g. every time a bid is placed increases the time remaining to the end of the auction.

    You could spend a lot of money bidding and get nothing.

    Read the T&C's carefully


    Original Poster

    Thanks for replies

    I was refering madbid, bid wiz.

    I give them a miss then.

    Thanks for the advice dh058977
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    As above, they are all gambling websites hidden under the guise of auctions.

    You pay for every bid (you buy them in multiples), then when you bid the time increases by a set amount & the price goes up by a penny.

    It can end up costing you more for the item. than it would cost to buy it from a retailer.
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