Which of these 2 LG tv's is better? LG 55UH650V or LG 55UJ635V

Found 7th Aug 2017Edited by:"makershaker"
Hi.... Which of these 2 LG TV's is the better model for gaming on PS4 and watching Sky TV? Looking to find out which one will show the best quality picture on SD and HD plus which has less Lag for gaming?

Both are of similar price.
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Edited by: "makershaker" 8th Aug 2017
There's not a lot of information on LG's 2017 range yet, the lower end models don't tend to get sent out for review until the end of the year.

It may be that LG have pushed the range down market, it may be that they're very similar to last year's models.

Both are quite a bit more than they have been/will be, the UH635 is still at the £550 the 650 used to be so that's a better choice if there's any stock nearby:
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