Which of these 3 External HD's should i get?

    Hi im looking to get an external hd, these are the three i have narrowed it down to, the prices of them are all similar but i want to know which is the best out of three and why:





    I've had a 250gb WD Essential for over a year now & it's worked flawlessly, in fact i've just sold it & got myself the 640gb version.

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    ok but i want to know which has the better specs out of these 3 as i don't know much about external hard drives.

    It probably won't make a great deal of difference which you buy. They've probably got the same drives inside the enclosures, and performance is bottlenecked by USB (which peaks at about 30MB/s, whereas all drives are capable of around 100MB/s when they're connected via SATA, eSATA, or Firewire) in any case. Just buy the one with the case that looks the nicest.
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