Which of these graphics cards?

    Hi folks,

    Am probably going to buy a new desktop PC next week when Windows 7 comes out. Have decided on:

    Core i5 750
    8gb RAM
    1tb drive

    I need to decide on the graphics card. I'll most likely be using it on my existing monitor (1680x1050) for a while, although I may upgrade to a better display next year.

    I need to choose between these 3 graphics cards:

    512mb nVidia GTS 250 - £68
    512mb ATI 4850 - £73
    512mb ATI 4870 - £95

    Is the 4870 worth it or should I stick to the cheaper cards? Thoughts/opinions welcome.

    Edit: It's primarily going to be used for photoshop/video editing but I may use it for casual gaming.



    I don't think you;ll see much performance increase between the 2 ATI. Why aren't you looking at graphics card with more memory? Budget?

    512mb ATI 4850 - £7

    got one of these and 7 score is 6.5

    I have a Core i7 940 with 8GB ram, it's currently paired with a 4850 which is even for fairly extensive gaming at 1920x1200 it's surprisingly good. Based on what you've said I'd stick with the 4850 as I don't think it's worth the additional money for the 4870 if you're not gaming, keeps the power requirements bit lower as well.


    Original Poster

    It's a custom build from Eclipse computers so I have to pick from the graphics cards they offer. System comes out at £600 with the 4850 so I just need to add a copy of Windows 7 and I'm sorted.

    Thanks for the help everyone.

    Card is only really going to impact games and a 4850 looks the best value of the three (mainly because they have overpriced the 4830).
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