Which of these is better?


    My Dad wants a new laptop - he will never download anything or carry out any major processing. He will surf the web, and maybe watch dvds on it, look at and store his photos etc.

    He has seen 2 pcs in comet - one is very much reduced, with 3Gig processor, the other is the same price but wasnt previously as much as the other - it only has a 2gig processor but a much bigger screen. I am not sure for his use that the difference between the 2&3gig will really make a material difference?

    They are:…on1…G16

    Or is there another one somewhere else which trumps them?

    Also, he'd ideally like for around £500 to be able to get both the laptop and a notebook for my mum.... any good deals around?

    Thanks in advance


    IMO I don't think they 2 are up to much...…844 That looks quite good I think, and now a tenner cheaper than it was when posted here -…67/

    or this refurb looks quite good -…duo

    Just have a search on here, there are loads of deals to price and compare...

    I would spend an extra few quid and try and pick up a good deal on a NC10 for the netbook. That wee Acer that was going cheap is quite good as well, if you don't mind Linux...I think I got it for £129

    ** I would also check to see if you get Windows 7 FREE upgrade on the new puter that you buy

    Both of those you linked to are 2Ghz., the T4200 is probably the faster of the two.

    One has 3GB of memory and the other has 2GB, but if you're considering a laptop at that price then 2GB is probably sufficient.
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