Which of these is worth more to sell.................

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Found 6th May 2009
I have accumulated a load of points thru work stuff I do, and can now use these to buy some items. The only ones that I can see that might be worth anything are as follows :

1. Ping New G10 Driver 10.5 degree loft, graphite shaft with options of regular or stiff shaft. The 460ccs of titanium head with a taller face and deeper crown that results in increased ball speed and longer straighter shots.

2. iPod touch 16GB. With a contoured, polished stainless steel design, iPod touch feels even better in your hand. The 3.5-inch widescreen display is perfect for watching movies and playing games. With a built-in speaker and groundbreaking technologies such as the Multi-Touch display, accelerometer, and 3D graphics, iPod touch puts an amazing gaming experience in the palm of your hand. With just a few taps, the new Genius feature creates a playlist of tracks in your library that go great together. 16GB holds up to 3500 songs, 20,000 photos or 20 hours of video. Colour: Black

This is not a listing to sell, just a price request, but if people are interested I can get these items about 19th of this month.


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Tell you what - if you were looking to sell these items, I know that the Ipod Touch demand would by far outweigh that of the aforesaid!

People are still snapping those little beauty's up.......
What do you recon?


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Tell you what - if you were looking to sell these items, I know that the … Tell you what - if you were looking to sell these items, I know that the Ipod Touch demand would by far outweigh that of the aforesaid!People are still snapping those little beauty's up.......What do you recon?xxx

That's my suspicion, but wasn't sure, so wanted to throw it out to the "educated" masses.

Probably best to sell the club via another site if it was worth more, don't remember much golf talk on here.

The Ipod would deffo sell better on this site.

I agree with that said above the IPOD would definitely sell no question - be it here or anywhere else, the issue with the club is that you wouldn't neccessarily have the 'demand' for it without having to go to a more specialised site etc - plus posting that thing and wrapping it..... ?!?!

Easy -Peesy to sell and post IPOD!


G10 £179.00 In the shops, u might however get one on the bay for £150.00 new

As others have mentioned the Driver is a rather specialist item, greater all round call for the Pod

Both would sell on something like eBay easily. The iPod has a slightly higher RRP and thus could theoretically net you a few more £. However, there are so many iPod's for sale (not just on eBay) there's a danger yours could get lost in the flood and not make as much as you might hope.
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