Which of these laptops is 'better' please?

Found 12th Mar 2010
Hi, so I'm alright with basic laptop knowledge, but past ram and harddrive space I don't know what is best - I thought the £350 Dell deal was good until I found it on here. So, I'm looking for a laptop; can only really spend up to £350, so I know I'm not gunna get anything super-amazing. Ebuyer seem to have the best deals, but if someone can point me in a better direction than the ones I'm linking to then I'm fine with that.

Right, first of all is:
- ebuyer.com/pro…576 and
- ebuyer.com/pro…694
These are in a similar region right?
and then there's ebuyer.com/pro…214 which has less RAM and harddrive, so I wondered if it offered something that the other two didn't?

2GB of RAM is fine by me, so it won't be a deal breaker, and I'm not too fussed about a webcam, I have a portable harddrive so either of these options are fine with me.

So yeah, can anyone suggest which is better? If any? Or offer any advice in general.
I know the ebuyer reviews all seem good, but I'm not sure what to think to them, and maybe somebody could offer me a better deal for a better laptop elsewhere?
Anyway, sorry to go on, and thanks for looking.
Please and Thank you
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A lot of the acers and hps in my life have broken, try to find a dell or sony that suits your specs n budget
i have a thread which has details for my laptop which i wanted to sell... open to negotiation if you are interested...
please do let me know....

what size screen are you after? The spec/price varies quite a lot based on the size of the machine.
Memory (RAM) and hard drive I don't usually worry about too much as there really easy to upgrade on laptops nowadays - just a case of undoing a couple of screws and slotting it in. The processor is the main thing really.
Thanks for the replies - see I've had a dodgy Dell too, so I don't know which to trust.

Ameet- not what I'm looking for really, but thanks.

Alexytin - I'd say 14-16. Definitely not wanting a 10 or 11. I'm just not sure about the processor etc; which is best out of the three etc or anything else that would be important.
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