which of these ps3 games are the best????

Ridge Racer 7

Resistance: Fall of Man

Motor Storm

Genji: Days of the Blade

ninja gaiden sigma

Formula One: Championship Edition

which 3 are the best???



What type of game do you want?

I only have R:FOM, but that's an ace game. Brilliant online.

Genji is cac.

R:FOM, MotorStorm and Ninja Gaiden

Resistance, motorstorm and ninja gaiden sigma. Formula 1 is good aswell.

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cheers guys, just looking at some of the current bundles, hmv and gamestation seem to be quite good

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whats best, ps3, extra controller, resistance, motorstorm and ninja gaiden


ps3 extra controller, resistance, motorstorm, casino royal and black hawk down on blu-ray

both priced at £424.99

which would you go for?
thanks, xxx

I would go for the one with the most games tbh.
People are selling their copies of Casino Royale pretty cheap on some forums.

I would say the games bundle is better because, you would play them more than you would watch the blu-rays, if you catch my drift:)

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i know what you mean, tbh i was going to wait and see if the price came down any, but this seems a pretty good deal with decent games inc, pitty theres no discount codes around for gamestation, but i think theres 2% quidco, its for a prezzie for my husband, thats why i must sound so nieve, cos i dont know much about gaming, pc's and tv's are more my dept!!!!


Choices have some good deals ]Here. I'd personally rather R6V to ninja gaiden too.

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whats r6v?

Rainbow 6 Vegas.

And that game is awesome.

just got it yesterday.
Very hard, online confuses me (i'm an noob gamer or anything, i just don't get it lol)
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