Which Oil, Treatment or Varnish to Use On Outdoor Furniture

    Seems different people in different YouTube videos all seem to use different stuff...

    Some I'm told is "An American thing" etc.

    So, asking the great British HUKD public, what should I be using on outdoor furniture?

    I see people use Polyurethane Varnish, Epoxy Resin (which seems to be sold in tiny amounts as adhesive here), Tung Oil, Danish Oil, Linseed Oil, Deckstain etc etc.

    Can anyone weigh in with some solid advice?


    I've used Danish oil and its waterproof.

    Just an exterior wood stain. Tung, Linseed, Danish oil aren't so good for waterproofing wood as they need to be reapplied a lot to protect the wood.

    u can use most of them never really thought of epoxy resin it's more of a glue thing. I would use a stain or varnish out door yatch varnish is really nice on clear stuff I u don't think it will make the furniture slippery probably use which ever u can get cheapest.

    What is the furniture made of?

    Yacht varnish/Marine varnish

    Have a word with your local wood yard. They may be able to get it in their tanilising machine.

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    You can use Yacht Varnish on wooden furniture? That's a game changer.

    Does it matter which wood or apply to any wood?

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    Would it require a base or any pre treatment?


    You can use Yacht Varnish on wooden furniture? That's a game changer. … You can use Yacht Varnish on wooden furniture? That's a game changer. Does it matter which wood or apply to any wood?

    Yacht varnish takes a long time to dry.

    The only way to fully waterproof wood is to have it professionally stabilized, basically filling all the spaces within with plastic. To make wood water resistant try oil and wax. A hardening oil like tung oil is a good start, and once it's hard (weeks for a full cure) follow with several coats of wax, something like a beeswax.

    Not keen on varnish as normally ends up flaking off, so use a decent oil based woodstain if you can find one

    Yacht varnish a defo will take a while to dry light sand then another coat, depending how smooth you want it, will take some time good brush and tack cloth, should last years provided done properly

    prep, light sand then sikkens stain...then briwax. leave a month then yacht tuppenceworth!

    I just use a jet wash to clean mine and apply teak oil one a year and it's all been good for the last 8 years.

    Our painter at works says linseed oil mixed with white spirit is ideal for decking. Not sure of the correct mix but linseed oil on it's own takes a long time to dry. My understanding of Danish Oil is that it's more suitable for inside and not outside. You could try OSMO oil (expensive). Don't use any cheap fence / shed treatment products unless you want to do it at least every year. I recently bought some new doors for my garden shed which states the first coat must be a solvent based product and was looking at using Saddolin Classic after doing a bit of research. The small DIY place I bought the doors from recommends LIBERON for all exterior wood.
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    Can you stain the wood then add an oil to look in the goodness (and colour) with added protection/waterproofing sort of thing?

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    Dont know if I got the wrong end of the stick here... But can I mix this (below) into a mix/whatever I use and it makes it glow in the dark!?…c=1

    If so, would be awesome for a kids bench!

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    Note: Someone said you can mix this with Clear Silicone.

    Assume you buy a tube/cartridge and then dispense it all into a dish and mix in the pigment? Then do you think you can just brush this over wood?
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