Which one, Acer Aspire 5750g or Lenovo G570.

    Cant decide between the Better graphics and USB 3.0 or the Bigger hard drive, more memory and blueray drive.

    feel free to recomend a completly different laptop in the same price range.


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    Couldn't you find a decent brand for sell?


    For me gotta be its gotta be the lenovo.. Ive currently got the Acer 6920G And its an excellent laptop, Plus i only paid £100 cause someone broke the screen on it haha! Bargainn


    Strange how they go up in value with a broken screen

    Up in value...?

    I am stuck with the same problem. I like the build quality of the Lenovo G570 more than the Acer Aspire 5750 but the Acer seems better value for money not sure what to do. I can get the Acer with an i5 2430M processor, 500GB Hard drive, 3Gig Memory and Blu Ray Drive for only 430 or but the Lenovo which has same specs but has no Blu Ray Drive and 4 gig memory for £450.

    which has a better built in camera? acer aspire d527 or lenovo g405
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