which one is the best? help!!!

Found 31st May 2008
i need help from all out there. im on the quest to find the suitable sat nav for my husband. buying one for his bday!!! he does deliveries around london so always on the move more like on the road. currently he borrows one frm his friend so thought i would buy one for him.
i hv no knowledge abt sat nav and whats the diff with tom tom v version with tom tom go version and also they hv xl. i dont understand anything!!

pls help me with this.

thanks in advance.

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There was a post earlier today about satnavs, see hotukdeals.com/ite…elp
Good luck!
halfords are having a sale on sat navs this weekend only upto 50% off. :thumbsup:

There was a post earlier today about satnavs, see … There was a post earlier today about satnavs, see http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/192101/sat-nav-help Good luck!

That is not helpful to the OP as she is looking for the best one, not the best budget one.:whistling:

That is not helpful to the OP as she is looking for the best one, not the … That is not helpful to the OP as she is looking for the best one, not the best budget one.:whistling:

She wants recommendations for a 'suitable' one. As she's asking on hotukdeals, I'm assuming she wants one that's good value. I recommend the Navman F20, whatever your budget!
A London taxi driver told me that some sat navs are useless around london cos they tend to direct you what looks good on the screen but no good practically....
So watch out for some budget sat navs, they are ok in the smaller towns and cities.
If he likes the one he borrows from his friend, why not buy the same one?
Original Poster
hi all,

thanks for all ur advices and replies. the one he borrowed frm his frnd was tom tom v1. it doesnt have full london add and doesnt direct u to exact destination. im looking for the best sat nav which gives full direction to london adds,my budget would be frm 100 to 170. what r the diffnces between tom tom v , tom tom go, tom tom xl? i m open to other suggestion like for garmin and anything else really...


If you find one you like have a look ]HERE to check prices..
Hi Jessy, I don't know the difference between the different Tomtoms but I think all Satnavs have a few problems in London. My Navman always seems to want to avoid taking you through the centre of London and wants to go via the north or south circular and my friend who has a top of the range Tomtom says hers does the same! However, if you do set off and head to the centre both seem to recalculate the route quite quickly. If I were you I'd try a couple of shops and ask for their advice, if they offer you a more expensive one, get them to explain exactly what extras you're getting for your money. If you're a member of Costco, I would advice buying from there as they will always refund even if there's nothing wrong with the item. It might also be worth trying QVC as they will allow you to try the goods for 30 days to see if they suit you, but you do lose out on the postage! Best of luck!
I think the tom tom xl is the widescreen version.

I have a Garmin Nuvi 250w that I got from Amazon for £114.99. They also sell at Halfords but the price is a little more. I went for Garmin as they supply equipment for aircraft (if its good enough for a plane then its good enough for me). I done a lot of research and found that this was the best for me. Some have bluetooth etc but I didn't need that as I have it already in the car. My 250w is a widescreen version. It has maps for GB and Europe. I found reviews on it here ]http//ww…php from this link you'll also find reviews/specifications on most other sat navs including Tom Toms.
With so many to chose from it a nightmare, but I found this site very helpful.

Good luck:thumbsup:
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