Which one is the better cart? R4i Gold Revolution or AceKard 2 AK2

    Which one is the better cart?

    R4i Gold Revolution or AceKard 2 AK2 ?

    Need to get them for my DS Lite,

    also how many would I need to buy?

    Another thing I need to buy a micro SD card right?

    If so how big would the micro SD card need to be? 2gb or 4gb?

    Cheers for all the help,

    Mighty Mugger


    I personally like the R4i cartridge. You need one for each DS/DS lite. I would get a 4gb card - you need one for each cartridge you buy.

    check top offers this week, theres a cheap R4 card for like 2pound i think.

    And yes you do need a micro SD card.

    2gb will get you about 20 games on depending on their size (roms are usually 32mb, 64mb or 128mb).
    Note depending on your card it'll only support up to a certain size SD card.

    You can always keep them on your PC and swap them round as you like, so there isn't too much point having anything above a 2 or 4gb in my opinion.

    They should be ok but some have had problems with SDHC cards…502
    I got this one and bought a 4gb micro hcsd card off ebay
    The good thing about the r4i is that they are backwards compatible whereas the r4 isnt.
    Good luck :thumbsup:

    The Acekard works really well and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. A have two of them with 8G SDHC cards in and no problems at all.

    You can also trim the roms to reduce the size. Although they are originally 32,64,128 mb etc there's often a lot of wasted space.

    my kid got an r4 card with her ds but it keeps freezing on explorer everytime try to load or change games, any advice folks, the boys have dstts so this is new to us.

    there are so many r4 clones. r4i is good but acekard have been around a long time so are your best bet for long term support, firmware upgrades, etc.

    acekard 2 all the way :thumbsup:

    so should i go with acekard 2 for them all then, and start afresh. how do i access the software for them then, advice appreciated. feel free to pm if you prefer. simplest english possilbe, i am a muppet and got the flu too. so patience appreciated.
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