Which one of these bikes is best?

    Just about to buy a giant seek 4 to replace my stolen mountain bike, I've always liked Giants, then saw this, now not sure.
    What do others think, I'll be mainly using it for commuting with a little light trail at the weekends.…601…tml

    Sorry about the long links, still can't work out how to do them, any mod help?


    How about this:…366

    Around the same price range but much better specced.

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    How about … How about this: the same price range but much better specced.

    Thanks, but really looking for a hybrid

    If you put semi/slicks on that it'll be as good as. The fork has a lockout so climbing hills will be almost like a rigid fork. And you'll be able to use it on the trails.

    The only main difference would be the weight.
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