Which one of these is better?

    Before you say 'find out yourself' I know nothing whatsoever about HDMI cables.

    Anyway - getting a PS3 for christmas, and its going on my HDTV and I want to connect it via HDMI cable.

    I've found these two:…983


    Which is better? and can i trust both companies?


    Apart from the fact the ccl cable is slightly longer there will be no difference, it's a digital cable - either it works or it doesn't.

    As for the firms, I have used ccl once and they were OK but somebody recomended the actual cable from cable universe the other day in deal requests and said they had used them loads of times.

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    Is there any difference that ones gold plated and ones not?


    Is there any difference that ones gold plated and ones not?

    No... (apart from it looks a bit prettier..........waits for the usual HDMI cable war and how my million pound super duper, all singing and dancing QED cable is better than anything posts) :giggle:

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    Which would you get then? the ccl one ? or the CU one/

    The CU one it's cheaper, £2.99 + £1.99 delivery

    the one from ccl is only v1.1, whereas the ps3 is v1.3. im not entirely sure what the diff is but it might make a diff if you are hooking up to surround sound etc. the other cable doesnt state what it is.

    this is the cable i bought, via a hot deal here a while back ]http//ww…tml
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