Which Orange Contract (Incl PS3)?

    Hi All,

    I just moved house and in this area my existing O2 phone gets very poor reception so I'm needing to switch to Orange.

    Could anyone suggest a good orange contract, preferably which comes with a PS3 because I need another one of those too. I don't need a phone to come with it (already have one) so hopefully that will bring the cost down a bit.

    At the moment the best I've found is:

    £24/month for 24 months, 500 minutes, 200 texts, free 80GB PS3 + CoD4.

    Any better deals around?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions


    You'll be in serious trouble mate..Orange has the worst coverage in uk. It goes like this 3 is at the bottom of the lift, then orange then tmobile. O2 is no 2 and if you want to get superb coverage its voda. I personally experienced it and tried all the other networks and now finally with voda. They used to be expensive, but I got a good deal by talking to them over the phone.

    i have t-mobile right now and it is shittttt... i was on 3 before and its been the best network i been on... i've been on orange too and its good... depends where u live really... im in west london. Hope that helps.

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    Unfortunately where I am, Orange seems to be the only one that works (I realise they aren't perfect most places) so it's got to be Orange. I've tried Vodaphone, O2, 3, T-Mobile, etc. But only Orange worked (and even then the signal wasn't great). It'll mainly be a work phone so it's essential it gets signal from here to work.


    Hey mate check this website out: [url][/url] you … Hey mate check this website out: [url][/url] you can find great deals on ps3 contracts and they include orange contracts.

    Try here also

    This is a list of deals on the site going on your post…by=

    I like this deal cos.......…=af

    Ps3 delivered within 72 hours
    If not send back handset unopened cancel contract no win no fee lol
    Most say send of 2nd bill an hope and pray for ps3.
    Sell unopened phone on fleabay 50/60 pound+quidco £20.00
    Makes the deal about £400.00 for the year
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