Found 3rd Dec 2009
I currently do surveys for Ipsos Access panels, where you can get vouchers such as boots or argos for compensation.

I have been happy with their services, and they always pay out as promised.

I wanted to join more survey sites that offer this, but most you get paid in points that are converted into cash or online offers for your points. Either that or they are a scam!

Does anyone know any free to join survey sites that send you vouchers for compensation or similar?

Thank You
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Id like to know this too im also with Ipsos and don't know anyone as good, i tried toluna but you need something like 60000 points to get a £10 voucher and most surveys you get half way through and then find out you don't qualify :x

So yeah im in the same boat, very happy with Ipsos but are there any more out there just as good???
i used to use valued opinions...but tbh for the amount of time i spent on the surveys it wasnt really worth it(although there were SOME that were defo worth it)
I use onepoll.com havent received a payout yet but they track all the surveys that I have completed and have recently started offering a cashback site as well (however I still prefer Quidco)

Never had any problems with them TBH however their site is undergoing changes at the moment so you may not be able to join right away. Worth a look though.
I did valued opinions and agree with Shane, they take so long and are not worth the 0.75 that is usually paid, also I can't stand it when 10 questions down the line they say you aren't suitable. Never had one survey from them for larger the £1.50!!!

I use Lightspeed research , Valued Opinions, Mysurvey, Pinecone and … I use Lightspeed research , Valued Opinions, Mysurvey, Pinecone and OpinonBarNot sure though which ones you can just sign up to or which ones you need to be invitedShaneomac - Valued Opinions is good - I've done a few Mobile phone surveys and got paid £50 for one recently

+1, not had £50 but had a few £4.00 and £3.00 surveys and also had washing powder to test through them, i like valued opinions. im also part of pinecone (but you have to be invited or find a banner on some sites asking for you to join) and ipsos. on average i get £10 a month from both together :santa:
i use lightspeed, harris and panelbase, get regular surveys from all 3 and end up with paypal @ 1 a month from them each
pinecone are great they pay straight into pay pal account within days £3.50 every survey - dont get too many though
Pinecone pay the best. And there are placements too.
Mysurvey.eu / Tns ( nectar points) pay about £3 an hour, but give you a few points even if you don't get the survey.
Valued opinions are about £3.50 an hour but there are a lot of aborted surveys with no pay.
Yougov pay reasonably but not until you've got £50 stashed with them.
I joined lightspeed recently but have never done a survey as they are offering a pittance so far.

ps there's a massive thread somewhere on MSE with loads of tips. I got on to the Royal Mail thing from there ( though I ditched it as I had to use a Post office once a week and thats a 9 mile round trip,:( )
how do you get an invite to pinecone?
They have asked me to recommend people in the past - last time it was for men only. Usually you get on by clicking on a Pinecone advert banner, though where they are on the internet who knows.

how do you get an invite to pinecone?

read my post above ^^^^^^ :thumbsup:

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