Which paint is better- Dulux, Crown or another?

Found 27th Dec 2017
I’m about to tackle a house decorated in 1997 terracotta and hoping to pick up some paint in the sales but I’m not that experienced with paint. After a base of white to hide the terracotta I want to put something light on like a cream; which brand would be the better option, or are they the same?

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Buy a cheap one and a good one like the ones you mention. You'll need at least 3 coats to cover that so make at least one of the cheap.
Both brands are owned by Akzo Nobel. They will be of similar quality. For emulsions I have always preferred Dulux.
I’ve renovated a few houses so tried a few different brands
I always go for a trade paint
Theyre more expensive but need less coats and therefore take less time
The Crown paint is far superior than others in my opinion
When I employed a decorator to paint my house, he quoted me different prices for different brands of paint. I asked him which would be recommend, and he said that crown is the best one to go for.

When I do any painting myself, I always go for dulux because of the dulux dog advert
Trim paint or walls and ceiling paints? Bathroom or kitchen? No one brand is best (That's not true) but £80 for under 4lt you won't want to pay.. Valspar trade white is good for ceilings. Valspar premium for walls. I don't touch dulux although they just changed the trade paints to lower the flashing (patches) hear mixed reports about it. UK is behind other countries with the quality of waterbased paints.
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I like crown paint as it covers better and easier to use
Valspar is a good one from B &
Johnstone’s paint is very good and it’s reasonably priced too, recently I’ve found Dulux and Crown paints patchy and inconsistent both needing 2-3 coats to get good coverage it feels like they have watered down the paint or the pigment is of inferior quality compared to the same paint 5-8 years ago.
From personal experience I only use Dulux however not the Dulux from the shelf in b&q etc. If you go to a trade centre and get it made from there it is much better. That’s my experience personally.
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