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Found 6th Oct 2017
Hi group, my daughter has asked me to get her a decent pan set, being a bloke I don't really know a good one from a bad one. I'm looking to spend up to £100, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and she would prefer stainless but not essentail.
Thanks group!
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I use pro cook they have 25 year guarantee. Heavy but good.
a little over your budget but a good discount...

What about this tefal set from Debenhams
We bought a stainless set of Stellar pans about 30 years ago and still going strong. In the dishwasher everyday - I expect they will out last us.

Don't think there is anything particular about the Stellar brand - it is the "stainless" which is important to durability!

I'd avoid all non stick coatings except for the frying pan - as I always consider a non stick pan has a limited life!

We've also played with cast iron pans - but too heavy for everyday use.
Thanks guys, all comments much appreciated, its gave me some food for thought, will check them all out...
Have a look at the tefal ingenio range. We love ours. The detachable handles make storage an absolute breeze and can go in the oven too
Well Thanks for that, because of you I've spent all night debating to get the Tefal ones from Debenhams because mine are also on their last legs. Now my credit card is £42 heavier and now the family expect cordon bleu cooking as I can't blame 'my tools' anymore.
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If you bought the easi-strain set, It is only £50 on Tesco direct...no mention of it being over £100..Just been posted on deals page...so maybe not such a bargain.
Just ordered 2nd set to save a further 10% HUKD.
I'll get a refund on the first set when I click and collect
I have the ceramic pan and its great, nothin sticks and its very easy to wash
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