Which pay as you go network allows free voicemail access?

Found 20th Jun 2016
I need a phone which i can have all calls going to voicemail as default, and be able to pick up voicemails. Its for an rsvp to an large event. Saves me having to pick up each call. I can let people leave there rsvps on the voicemail and i can go through all messages at the end of each day or at my convenience.

Was thinking of picking up a pay as you go sim for this but not sure who allows free voicemail access anymore.

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an android app may save voicemail locally on phone, just an idea, not sure if one does that.
Try a visual voicemail like Hullomail.

Im with Vodafone and for some reason they still have not incorporated this into their network - not really suprising I suppose.
Try RSVP by email.
Thank you for your replies. Yep I have got RSVP by email as well but always handy to have a number... especially as some of the invite list is to an older generation who may or may not be so savvy with email.

I've downloaded Hullomail but looks like they charge monthly for the service.

Will have a look at other visual voicemail options.

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