Which PAYG SIM is better for me?

    I am looking for a PAYG SIM for general use.

    The main point is:
    Free voice mail: I don't want to keep losing money on voice mail.
    Low calling rate: I found that ASDA does provide very low calling rate 8P, but not sure if voice mail is free or not.

    Can anyone give me some comment?


    I used to have an o2 pay and go sim with 300 text when you top up.
    But i moved on to o2 simplicity on the £10 contract. Its a 30 day rolling contract so your not tied to it. i get 150 minutes and 300 texts and free voice mail

    o2 have been the best value for a few years now. Here's the tarif I use O2 PAY AS YOU GO TARRIF

    Original Poster

    The point is I do use it quite often. Probably prefer to spend 5 pounds/month. If a network can provide free voice mail and cheap calling rate, it will do the job.
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