which pc deal is better for base unit only

    i am in the process of buying a new pc. I see that there are two deals available for around the same price range (£475) that appeal to me- these are for the HP Elite M9753 desktop and the HP P6210uk desktop.

    I am not planning to use it for gaming purposes merely for browsing with the odd dvd being watched on the pc as well as for streaming.

    I did see that the compaq models were slightly cheaper but note that expandability on these is an issue as there is no space in the tower for a second hard drive.

    The M9753 has a blu ray player but it has vista installed whereas the p6210uk has a larger hard drive, no blu ray and windows 7 installed.

    what is the general view on these machines?

    I dont want a custom built pc so if people know of alternatives that may not need updating for a number of years let me know please.

    many thanks


    If your usage is browsing, watching DVDs and streaming then updating isn't going to be something that you'll need to do until the PC finally goes bang in that unfortunately terminal way that they all do sooner or later.

    For a little less (£369.99 + delivery) here…ghz you get[LIST]
    [*]Athlon II X4 620 2.6Ghz = 10.4Ghz
    [*]4GB DDR2 Memory
    [*]500GB Hard Drive
    [*]nVidia GeForce 9500GT 1Gb Graphics
    [*]1 Year RTB Warranty
    [*]24x DVDRW[/LIST]No OS but you can have XP Pro for 49.99 which is probably the best option tbh.

    The same company also offers for £309.99 + OS & delivery this…ghz which, for the stated uses, would also be fine -[LIST]
    [*]AM3 Athlon X2 245 2.9Ghz = 5.8Ghz
    [*]4GB DDR2 Memory
    [*]500GB Hard Drive
    [*]nVidia GeForce 9500GT 1Gb Graphics
    [*]1 Year RTB Warranty
    [*]24x DVDRW[/LIST]

    I'd say if anything you're overspending, if you're not interested in gaming or video editing, then really any PC from the past 2 years or so will do you fine for streaming TV, web browsing, etc.

    I'd maybe find a place that does some customizing to their builds...maybe you could get 4gb of memory and a nice amount of HDD space,like 500gb, if you don't want to worry about upgrades, and you should be good to go.

    As is, something like this :…tml
    would do all you wanted I think, and what you want to do isn't going to get much more intensive as time goes by, and you could always call and ask their advice

    For what your wanting your PC to do you really shouldnt need to spend more than £250.

    even something like this…tel

    will surfice and you can always install a blu ray player later if you feel the need
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