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Need something ASAP before sunday as going overseas for a month holiday. So looking at stuff in Prime. have two options right now:
1. M30s (64gb): Amazon Prime - £229
2. Redmi Note 8 (64 gb) - Amazon Prime (£153)
3. Redmi Note 8 (128 gb) - Amazon Prime (£168)
4. Redmi Note 8 Pro (64gb) - Amazon Prime (£196)

I was eyeing the Realme X2 pro but decided to go with something cheaper and wait for the new generation of phones to come out this year and get something maybe mid year.

Requirements, not too concerned about brand tbh but ideally something that has the following:
1. Good Camera (at a minimum better than the one plus one or Xperia Z2s)
2. Good Battery Life
3. Dual Sim (not hybrid)
4. Headphone jack
5. Expandable storage
6. UK supplier with warranty

I am leaning toward M30s but the redmi note 8 with 128gb doesnt look bad. not sure if the Pro is worth the extra £30.

Kinda sux i know these phones are cheaper via chinese sites but i think having a UK suppier with warranty is important.
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How about Mi 9 SE or Mi 8?
Thanks Crico, sorry forgot to add two more requirements (updated my post).

Mi 9 SE
- No headphone jack
- No Expandable storage

Mi 8
- seems to be more expensive on Amazon than the ones I listed yet seems to have not as good reviews vs remi note 8. Dont know that much about the redmi versioning so confusing lol.

I am thinking I could extend my budget a little to the following assuming its still available:
Samsung s10e (128gb) - Ebay (£335) (Refurbished Music Magpie) - Might also get a £30 cashback but not guaranteed.

Ended up buying the Xperia 1 from MusicMagpie "Very Good condition" for £305 with 24hrcourier service. Hopefully it arrives by Friday or saturday. from my requirements ended up going for a phone with no headphone jack, smaller battery, single sim lol but phone looks really nice based on reviews. Hope the condition is as they say "Very good" i can live with scrathes on anything expect the screen.
I have a M30s, the camera is nothing to write home about.
But the battery life is sooo good!
Have a look at the A50 too
Thanks Guys. I already put the order in for the Xperia 1 yesterday (refurbished) it was £300 for "Very good" state. If it doesn't arrive by tomorrow or the quality is bad, I will see what the more reasonable phone is form the list including your suggestions and order accordingly. Need something for my trip :P the Honor 9X is quite tempting and I have a 20% Off gift card as well for argos. Damn.
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