Which phone?

    My Orange phone is still in it's 18 month contract, but my handset is due to be upgraded.

    However I really want a 16Gb iPhone, which is only available through O2, but I am not wanting to move to O2.

    So my plan is to get my phone handset upgraded and go for which ever is the most expensive handset I can get, then sell it on eBay and buy myself an iPhone handset.

    Firstly, is this legal?

    Secondly, which handset should I go for to get the most cash back?…204


    I'm just waiting for my upgrade phone on Orange. They don't give you much choice though. I'm keeping my Nokia 6300 but giving the upgrade (Nokia 6500 Slide) to the wife.

    Firstly, is this legal?

    Yes, of course it is.

    id possibly say the n96 with it just being released n 95 are fetching 200 the tocoo is a good one as well.

    N96 is probably the most sought after.
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