which phone?

    im going to upgrade in september or now. can anyone tell me the best/most expensive phone on the market from o2 online 35? been looking and dont know much about phones so hope someone can tell me what the best phone i can get is. even if i have to pay abit also post as i will probably negotiate to get it for free.
    thanks in advance.


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    can anyone help please. will be calling them and need o know whch phone to ask for.

    dont know if you can get it on O2, but I would go for the new E90

    The Samsung G600 is nice, or the Motorola RIZR Z8.

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    e90 doesnt seem to be on o2 just vodafone atm. g600 is nice but if im going to keep it i will need a nokia. im thinking of getting a phone and then selling it straight away and keeping my 6230i. what phone is worth th most?

    One that hasn't come out yet, but i' sure will be very epxensive is the Sony Ericsson K850i. It's a cool phone.

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    how can i tell o2 that i want to wait for that phone? do i go for the simplicity deal then upgrade back to my other one?
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