Which phone? And can i keep my number?

    Need to sort a new contract phone out today.

    At the moment i'm torn between the SE C905 and the Nokia 5800. Got a W910i on 02 at the moment which i don't really get on with (though it is tough)

    Both roughly the same per month - 5800 £21.39 over 18 months with 600mins/unlimited texts on Orange. W902 is £25.28 over 18 with 600mins/unlimited texts on 02. Both these prices include half price line rental deals

    Can't decide if i really want a touchscreen phone......

    Any recommendations?

    Also, if move providers or start a new contract with o2, can i keep my number?



    You can keep your number just get a "PAC Code" off them!! :thumbsup:

    My son had the 905 (for 4 days). the network branding software Orange (or Voda etc) put on it screw it up. the wifi didn't switch on the gps didn't work and it kept switching it's self off !!

    As above, if you want to take your number to a new network as your current network for your pac code. It last for 28 days then you need a new one. Give the code to your new network and they''ll port your number over, take from between 2 to 5 days depending on the network. Once the port goes through your acc on the old networks gets closed.

    C905 is an awesome phone, personally wouldnt go for the nokia touch screen its got few too many bugs at the moment.

    Agreed, if you get a Nokia in the first few months you're an unpaid beta tester...

    The 905 looks amazing if you can get one that's not been screwed up by the networks. . .

    One of my friends has a 5800 and I think it's awesome! I haven't noticed any bugs in it. I'll ask him if he has any but so far he hasn't. Very responsive
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