which phone d600 or e900?

Found 14th Apr 2007
i need advice on which phone to get either the samsung d600 or the e900 any advice would be great
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I have a samsung D600,had it for 18 months,very nice phone,well built with a nice solid feel,smooth sliding action.

I have seen the D900 and whilst it is nice and slim(like the E900 I think) I think it is rather flimsy by comparison,feels plasticy.

For me the D600 is not too chunky to be cumbersome and not too slim to be flimsy!!

Battery life is better on the D600 also 7 hrs talktime and 300 mins standy by...e900 3.5 hours talktime and 220 mins stand by
I had an e900 for three months and really didn’t like it. Just a few points - Those sexy touch screen buttons will irritate you to the point of distraction. The battery life is shocking. If you want a phone that looks saucy but fails on every other point then I highly recommend the e900. Hope this helps :thumbsup:
Same here with the e900. Its battery life is lousy and mine keeps switching off what i'm doing! I know its a touch sensitive screen but this is ridiculous!
d900 everytime, e900 touch keys are an annoyance more than anything, although the d900 lcd screen is very weak and not too difficult to crack.

the chrome ones on o2 pay are £149.99 with £20 trade in or free on all monthly contracts
yes i will agree the e900 can be a pain, if trying to do something quick on phone its easy to make a mistake, if you get me!!
and my son and hubby hate it they always manage to switch it off in middle of conversation ( with their ears:giggle: ) as the touch sensitive buttons are very sensitive.

that really didnt make a lot of sence but hopefully you get my jist!:giggle:
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