Which phone next coming from an iPhone 6

Found 6th Feb 2018
Looking at upgrading my phone and I don't want to pay £300+ for a decent phone .

Currently got an iPhone 6.

I keep seeing deals posted for the Xiaomi M1 A1 which looks good value for money and runs stock android.

Then there's the redmi note phones which seem to get posted alot

Any advice on what I should go for next
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Bottom line with the Xiaomi phones it's dual camera + stock android (with future updates) vs bigger battery + bigger screen.
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I’m in the same boat as you but nothing decent has caught my eye yet. My iPhone 6 is going well so may hang on until the next release when phones will drop in price.
iPhone 7?
Nokia 3210? 😝
Xiaomi phones are great just do not expext too much from their cameras
I moved from an iPhone 6 plus to the Xiaomi Mi A1. The phone is built very well and is very snappy. I have also had several security updates and the update to Oreo.

The camera is good in the outdoor daylight but indoors or at night the pictures can be very grainy and soft. I have an actual camera so I don't take to many with my phone so it has never really bothered me too much.

I hope this helps.
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