Which phone - satio, w995 or lg viewty smart?

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Found 27th Dec 2009
As title - thinking of getting a new contract or arguing with my exisiting provider, but need advice as to which phone. Any help would be great. rep left.



Well the lg viewty smart has probably one of the best camera phones on … Well the lg viewty smart has probably one of the best camera phones on the market http://www.mobile-phones-uk.org.uk/lg-viewty-smart.htmBut although the satio is 12mp its an awful phone http://www.mobile-phones-uk.org.uk/sony-ericsson-idou.htmBut the w995 is a good phone too i all depends on the look you want imohttp://www.mobile-phones-uk.org.uk/sony-ericsson-w995.htm

i'm going to have to dissagree with the satio review. since the review was written there's been a firmware update and i can honestly say it's the best phone i've ever had, it's really fast, has loads of free apps you can download and the camera is amazing!

I don't know anything about the Viewty Smart but the W995 is a great phone with excellent reviews. Was tempted to buy it myself a couple of months back for £200 from Phones4U until I got my Nokia 5800 for £107 from the T-Mobile deal. The biggest complaint about the W995 seems to be the screen size but then again what do you expect from a push button phone?

The Satio is a lot more expensive than the W995 but is poorly reviewed so I certainly wouldn't pay more for it but if they were both offered at the same price (probably unlikely) then it would be a difficult choice.

SATIO is not worth the money
i had to fix my friends phone
and she finds the touch screen so unresponsive even with the lipstick thing they give you..she has to push the pen to get a response at times
the camera is good
but personally the w995 is the best phone out of the three

hmmmz, i guess opions will always differ, I got real large fingers, and find the satio an awesome phone, very responsive, and easy to use, but then I did buy it for the camera, bloody great prints at a4.
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