Which Phone Should I get

    Tyring to set up a contract phone for my brothers 18th as a suprise and cant decide on the phone.. the choice is between…600


    I know its a tough choice espically when you dont know him, but deciding factors are

    1. is the cookie more of a girls phone?
    2. is a touchscreen easy to use because hes not very patient

    Im leaning towards the samsung as a friend has it and its a very smart phone with a good camera, but then the cookie is touchscreen, worth about £30 more on payg and has easy access to facebook which he uses..

    Its a pretty good deal though, £15 a month with orange getting 100mins and unlimited texts plus a free xbox pro (60gb) that comes a few days after the phone!

    need to decide today!


    i have a cookie and would not say its a girls phone (unless you have the pink lol)

    touch screen is easy to use and you can find things on it easy.has some nice touches for a phone in lets say the lower end of the market

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    Neither get a Sony Ericsson/

    the above are the only two available that are half decent.

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    anyone else got either of the phones that could justify getting one over the other?

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    wnet with the cookie. cheers terry, +rep.

    you will not be dissapointed ...

    if you get stuck with anything on it just send me a message on here :thumbsup:
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