Which phone to go for?

    My contract is now up with o2, need to phone retentions for a new one but not sure which phone to barter for of the following:

    Sony Ericsson C905
    Samsung Pixon
    LG Renoir
    Nokia N95 8gb
    HTC Touch HD

    Seen some reasonable deals for all of these on t'interweb but would rather stay with o2 as been with them for years and quite happy. Being a girl I just can't decide which one to go for - am sure the good people of HUKD have an opinion - please share!!

    Oh and not too bothered about wifi or music playing capabilities, basic calling, texting and good camera is what I'm after.


    I think it's worth going into the shops to have a look at the phones you're considering as you may find you much prefer one of them once you've seen them properly.

    Personally I'm not keen on touchscreen phones for doing much text, I much prefer tactile buttons but you may be fine with the touchscreen - I'd try one out first.


    yeah hes right, i have the touch hd, its perfect if u like to taske advantage of windows etc and install stuff n customise, touchscreen is a pain for texting if ur on the move. but tom tom is great on ur phone!

    touchscreen 5800,non touch screen N85

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the help, ideally i'm after something with an 8megapixel camera so it's one of the top 3.

    I've found the renoir free on orange for £24.46pm over 18 months, 400mins/unlimited texts and £50 quidco. Does this sound like a reasonable deal? Will put it to o2 when I call retentions.

    Not really interested in cashback deals as I'd be too rubbish to remember to send bills in on time!

    Will pop into town tomorrow to have a proper look at all 3 side by side.

    I'm in the same situation, littletiger... what did you go for in the end? I'm stuck between the Renoir and the C905.

    C905 - probably a better quality camera, but heard of some dire reliability issues

    Renoir - fully touchscreen, which I am not so keen on, but probably better reliability than the SE and a camera with xenon flash.
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