Which phone would be best for me?

I'm looking for a new phone, and I'm wondering which phone would best suit my requirements. The most important thing for me a is as large a screen as possible (touchscreen probably better as the screen is likely to be larger) for web browsing. Preferably as slim as possible too.

Those are pretty much my only requirements.....



samsung tocco lite is a good phone, receives good reviews etc and is quite cheap now, about £80 new or 60 refurb.
Hope i helped.

i think a slim one with a big touch screen would be best for you :p:prop:


w950?,bit fat tho

Nokia 5800


Nokia 5800



Nokia 5800


Original Poster

^ lol I have the 5800 at the moment. my only complaint is that it's rather chunky. and whilst the screen isn't exactly small, it could be a bit wider....

then your wanting an iphone mate lol
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