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Found 17th Aug 2017
I've got a pre formed pond (1m40cm x 85cm) & Waterfall (1m15cm x 60cm) and now would like to buy an eco pond pump and filter.

The waterfall already has a hole to put a pipe from the pump.

Any recommendations?

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Daft question do you have fish or is this purely pretty??
When you buy your filter make sure you have a UV light in it or you will just end up with a pea green pool all summer.
Always double up on the recommendation for your size pond with regards to what the uv can handle as you can never over uv, better to be over than under.
With regards to the pump what's the Head height ( distance from the pump in the pond to the water fall)
You could always buy a dry pump which you don't have to put in the pond.
Your pump will act like a blender and then hopefully all the fine stuff will be taken out by the filter.
Is it a fish pond or ornamental?
I keep koi so have a fair understanding on pond keeping.
Just remember you don't keep fish you keep water.
If that's fine everything else will look after itself.
I would think it depends on the waterfall you have bought, but looking it up, they don't seem to specify a min/max volume of water required to make a decent display, when you buy them. Because the waterfall already has a hole for the pipe, i guess you need a pump that has the same size pipe. Could you perhaps take the waterfall to World of Water (or similar) as they are pretty knowledgeable about these things.
Thanks for all the replies - I should have said in my first post that we won't be having fish, just trying to encourage nature to visit such as frogs.

I'm wondering whether a Hozelock 3 in 1 would be what I need - It's a pump with fountain and / or waterfall output, filter and UV. There's a 3000 model or 4500 which allow a fountain or waterfall amazon.co.uk/Hoz…M6M

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Main thing is do you know how many litres the pond is ?
I personally would have a separate pump then a filter and uv in one as with the one your looking at you will be taking it out of the pond every week to clean the filter.
You want a filter with easy access, maybe one you can dig into the ground like this.
Then maybe a superfish eco
The main thing is how much water you have.
I would get a pump slightly higher rated and put a inline tap in so you can adjust the flow to suit.
I had a Blagdon force pump as had a waterfall and it was very good. As others have said you need a filter box to keep pond clear. I have had many over the years but still has problems of water clarity in the summer. Last year I invested in a Bioforce Revolution pressure filter and have had no problems since. It was more expensive but for me on time, treatment and health of the fish it has been great, so very worth the extra money. I think as others say depends if you have fish in the pond.
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