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Hi Guys -

Please can somebody recommend which Vacuum/Hoover we should be looking to buy????......

Basically our cricket club needs to purchase a new hoover/vacuum - we tried to be clever last year and purchase a tescos own brand and the suction on it really is pathetic !!!

The carpets we have down are those kind of School / Industrial carpets and often get food on them from the lunch served.
I have no idea how "suction" is measured but we would like the more powerful the better - and due to our financial position the cheaper the better as we don't have lots of money in the kitty.

Ive heard abit about these "Henry Hoovers"....are these any good???
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Don't get a Dyson!
ive had my dyson for 7 years and still going strong
dson is best i ever had
we have a dyson which is expensive but is very powerful. we have a lost a few odd shoes in there.
i personally have a dyson and wouldnt have anything else - just wondered what the alternatives were....
if you like a good suck use a dyson (_;)
I had a DC07 when they first came out and within a year it was falling apart. Bought a Henry, which I have since used for 8 years with no loss of suction. It just has a better overall build quality,
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I have a Vax pet hair vaccuum and short pile carpet and it's fantastic. I think I paid £70ish for it 2 years ago and it's never let me down
Dyson may be preferred by some people, my mum has had three of them but the plastic bits always, always, break!
The local councils (for their halls & other locations) all seem to prefer the 'Henry' ranges & u can't really go wrong with them.
I personally wld recommend a good German brand (AEG or similar), plenty of power & suction and very quite operation.........
Always a mixed review on Dyson, I have had 2 of them and they are superb, never had an issue. Suction is strong all the time, 5 year parts and labour. My folks got a vax which was difficult to use and fell apart. Henry is ok but only if you have laminate flooring.
I had a vax for 15 years and only replaced it cos the casing was broken after shelving dropped on it. Replaced with another that washes carpets as well. Would never buy anything else.
Ive got a dyson but have heard really good things about henry. All the pro cleaners for our development use Henrys to clean the carpeted stairs/landings, so they must be good.
I'm a dyson man but your situation screams Henry!
A Miele cat and dog. when you send off the warraty, they give you the option to extend it for 11 YEARS for about £30 Best vacuum I'v ever had
Whenever i think of vacuum cleaners that scene from Bruno always haunts me! Why did i watch that damn film, burn out my eyes!
for tough commercial use, get a Henry!
Had a dyson, wet & dry vax and a henry.
Out of the three, the dyson has the most suction
Henry / Hetty all the way.
As above a Henry (i got one for xmas and its great)
Ok guys - not being lazy but just asking..........
does anyone know where the cheapest henry hoover can currently be bought as ive seen them on offer on this site a few months ago???
Henry Hoover is the best.

I bought a small Dyson to use upstairs. It was a heap of cheap, nasty, badly made plastic. Looked like a kids toy, poor suction and broke after a couple of days.
aunty jane


Thanks for the link mate - think id prefer Dixons as ive dealt with them before.
Is this particular model good then as with Dysons there are all kinds of "DC" Ranges and numbers so im wondering is this Henry a good model for their range ???
Dysons dont have bags, the henry does but has a massive capacity, I know a lot of businesses use herny's as they are more industrial if you know what i mean.

Edit - soz didnt read your comment properly, ive got the HVR200A, extra power button on mine (not that i ever need to use it) For £90 its a good vac.

Ps id go with Dixons too
I actually think its the carpet thats the problem its a really nylon style carpet, its one of those really awful industrial style ones ( and it wont be coming unfortunatly) - so maybe Henry is going to be set a challange then and see if he can beat the carpet !!.......the tescos one we have has about as much strength as a hair dryer !!!
Nick Id go with this one personally as it has extra power function amazon.co.uk/dp/…024?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&tag=****&linkCode=asn&creative=22206&creativeASIN=B00008Z9XZ
The Dyson are bagless and people see when the cannister need empting, that's why the suction is always at its best.. Also Dyson used to be good when it was produced in the Uk.
If a long term investment is what you a looking for, buy a Sebo, might be expensive to start with but will outlive anything else on the maket and in the long run is value for money. Miele cats and dogs is also very good.
another vote for Henry's . all the cleaners in the local school use them . I've even got one myself ,bought from Makro many moons ago .tough little hoovers with great suction.
Henry's are use in industrial environments because they are the best at dealing with flat flooring, when you have a carpet with any sort of pile, you need a beater bar, not ness a dyson, but a beater bar. Now compared to some of the really expensive Miele etc, Dyson is a very good vacuum cleaner for the money. And for people saying they fall apart then they must be thrashing them because mine has not been used lightly and has never fallen apart.
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