Which printer should I get - Canon MP210 or Brother DCP-135

Am after an all in one printer as my epson has just died! Have looked at the reviews on this site and see that these 2 are quite cheap at the mo. The Brother is £39 but apparently is really cheap to run, whilst the Canon works out about £20-£25 (with cashback), but I think is the better quality. Really only want it for the kids to mess about on etc. but sometimes they do like to print photos and not sure if the Brother would be okay for this. (Can only find a couple of reviews on Amazon). Which would you recommend?


The Brother. Separate ink tanks and you can refill them yourself :thumbsup:

There are so many good deals for photo lab printing services, why print your own?

The brother will suit you fine for basic photos.

I have the dcp 350 which is similar and it is very neatly styled and has a quality feel to it.

the inks are about £6 for a full set which is cheaper than most:thumbsup:

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many thanks, have just ordered the brother from tesco direct! Thanks again for all your help.
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