Which ps+ subscription do I need

Found 7th Oct 2017
Hi guys,
I've had ps+ for the past 2-3 years and have always renewed with a 12month sub. I will be going away soon for quite a while (abroad, not jail) and I want to keep all the free games I've purchased, cloud saves etc.

My ps+ sub comes to an end in November, so can I purchase some ps+ subscription in say July-august and still have everything how it was? Or so I have to purchase one in November and spend money on the months I'm not going to use it.

TIA, ta
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I believe you can end it in Nov and just renew in July-August, but you won't be able to play your free ps+ games until you renew, you can still play the games you got discounted with the ps+,it's just the free games that are locked till you renew..
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