which rechargeable batteries?

    Anyone tell me which rechargeable batteries are best to buy for a digital camera,been using energizer but take a few photos and there flat.So looking for the best one's to buy prefer it to include the charger as well if anyone can advise me on what and where to buy from cheers in advance


    You need 2500 mah or above it's to do with the amount of pictures they allow you take! 2500 mah and above is fairly reasonable! I have been using them for 2/3 years now and they have been fine. In fact I had a funny moment recently where I thought I was charging my rechargables and nearly blew the charger up, forced to buy a new one as black liquid everywhere! I had popped some cheapy batteries in my camera cos I couldn't wait for my others to charge up!!!
    The brand doesn't and shouldn't make any difference it's the rating of the battery to look out for.

    As poster above stated - look for batteries that have a high power rating for that use.

    uniross hybrio, sanyo eneloop,
    heres one opinion:…tml

    but as previous reply said, so long as the power rate is reliable, brand shouldnt matter much

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    thanks all
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