Which 'regular' broadband package would you recommend?


I've just moved into a new build property with my partner and was, initially, looking to get a fibre optic service. Annoyingly, though, our address is not registered on the Open Reach database, so we're going to have to go with a regular unlimited package for the meantime.

Can anyone recommend a provider, currently offering an attractive 'new customer' deal? We'll need a line connection.

Sorry if the like has been posted recently, but any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Contact Virgin and see what they say

Check uswitch
Including line rental: Sky, talk talk, EE work out to approx £20 a month for 17mb
Or Virgin you can get 100mb for £30 (no need for open reach)

Is the Open Reach database cruical for a manual enquiry? I don't know the intracacies of fibre supply, but if the streetbox that serves your property also serves other older homes with fibre, then I would expect that you may also be able to have fibre. No, I don't know how to identify your exact streetbox, but the nearest is usually appropriate. If there's a few possible streetboxes and they are all fibre-enabled, then the box that supplies your home is irrelevant to the q

I would second Virginmedia....very few issues I have experienced in many years as a customer plus they own the equipment so if it goes bang they have to replace it

'regular' or copper line broadband (ADSL) speed is determined by your home's distance to the local telephone exchange. Below is a site that will give you an estimate of what you can expect to achieve


Register your address with the Royal Mail - royalmail.com/per…ess You won't be able to get a landline or broadband service (which if based on the BT Openreach network for ADSL or FTTC will most need a PSTN (phone line)) if you're not registered as this is where BT Openreach's address data comes from.

Once you have the PSTN line in you can check what cab and exchange you're connected to here - dslchecker.bt.com/ You'll see the services available such as ADSL and FTTC (the latter sounding like it's what you're after, e.g. marketed as products such as BT Infinity).
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If you can get Virgin in your area go with them, if not i would say Zen as they have the best customer service.

Please avoid BT like the plague, we have had no end of problems with them and the customer service is shocking!
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