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Found 10th Dec 2009
hi my son is 3.5 and has outgrown his car seat its a maxi cosi priori- could somone please tell me which car seats for his age range scored well in the which? report or recommend a good on e thankyou
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We got the graco logica lx which we find great, but looking at Britax's website they say their kidfix is which's bestbuy. Looks like it retails for circa £130 in halfords though.
I'll just try and find my password, then I'll send you the info.

Yeah this is the one that came out highest for the age your looking for. It got a score of 77% This is what it says -

KIDFIX (Isofix) is the new name for the the Evolva 2-3 ISOFIT from Britax. This Best Buy seat is designed for use by children between 15 and 36kg (aged about 4 to 12). It did well in our tests, with a 'Good' overall crash safety rating.

It is essentially quite similar to the KID Plus model, but unusually for a seat in this group, it uses Isofix mounts. Both versions of the seat do well enough to make the Best Buy grade, but the Isofix mounting for the base means the KIDFIX scores higher overall than the belted version because it has superior side crash protection and is generally easier to use.

Another advantage this seat has is that it is secured in position, even when it is unoccupied - so when it's empty it won't be thrown around on the back seat. The KID Plus version isn't held to the car except when the belted child sits in it. The KIDFIX is slightly heavier than the Ultra version - a little less convenient for moving between cars.

Watch our video footage (see 'Crash test video') to see how the KIDFIX (Evolva 2-3 ISOFIT) fares in its crash test.

Pros: Safe, uses Isofix

Cons: None
The next best at 75% is the Maxi Cosi Rodi XR -

This booster seat with backrest is one of the easiest-to-use seats we've ever tested, scoring top marks for every aspect of handling.

Designed for children from 4 to 12 years (15 to 36 kg), it uses the 3-point adult seat belt to secure both the seat and the child.

As with many seats in this weight category, the tall back is good for taller children, but in some cars it touches the head restraints – these may need removing to allow the seat to sit flat against the car seat-back.

It's well padded, and offers good leg support and a comfortable ride for the child. Head support is good, and risk of injury is low in side crashes. In a front crash this risk is relatively higher, though still acceptable.

Pros: Very easy to use, child has an excellent view out of the vehicle, good finish quality

Cons: Seat cover difficult to remove
Next on the list are
Britax - KID Plus (74%)
Volvo - Booster Seat (74%)
Cybex - Solution X-Fix (Belted) (74%)
Cybex - Solution X-Fix (Isofix) (74%)
Cybex - Solution X (72%)
Concord - Lift Evo PT (72%)

If you need the write up for any of these just let me know.
Fantastic!! Thank You So Much

Fantastic!! Thank You So Much

No worries, if you need any other info just let me know. :thumbsup:
Just to check your son is 15kg before you put him into a high back booster as they are only safety tested from that weight. If under that weight (which in all probability I doubt at 3.5) you will need to keep him in current seat which has a maximum weight of 18kg.

In terms of safety the isofix high back boosters (Britax Kidfix, Jane Indy Plus etc) are great becos' they are not only reliant on child's weight keeping it in place when (God forbid) involved in a crash as they are attached to iso-fix points. I havehad the Jane Indy Plus seats for coming up for 4 years and have no complaints at all. Our twins are almost 8 and still fit in them nicely and the backs will eventually come off leaving them with a isofix booster.

Non iso-fix options...the Maxi Cosi Rodi is a excellent with good side impact protection. Evolva 2 3 - only downside is that it has very deep head side impact protection which can cause kids to stick their heads out thus reducing any protection and they don't split down so a 9/10 year old may not want to sit in one.

The Graco Logico is a canny seat, certainly better side impact protection and padding than the junior the worth pointing out the seat itself is the same but for the extra depth on the head part.

Personally if you've got isofix, opt for the isofix high back boosters.....I believe they are far safer but preferred the Jane to Britax, the latter I felt there was too much movement whereas the Jane was a rock solid fit.
thabkyou-think i'll go for the rodi as no isofix points.brilliant replies xx
who sells the Maxi-Cosi Rodi XR cheapest at the moment?

beverley1403, great info btw, rep added.
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